2019 Harvest Hoedown Caller/Cuer Bios

Eric Henerlau

Eric Henerlau is recognized throughout the country as one of the premier Square Dance callers and teachers.  Living near San Francisco, CA, Eric calls each week for the Tam Twirlers in San Rafael, and Eric’s Eagles Advanced group in Marin County.  Because he is an accomplished caller at all levels from beginners through C2, Eric knows how to entertain dancers regardless of their experience.  He also cues an occasional round dance
through Phase III and Phase IV.

Dan Nordbye

Dan is a native of Omaha, Nebraska, who now resides in Gilbert, Arizona.  Dan was introduced to square dancing at the age of 10.  Eleven months later he was trying his hand at calling.  From that moment on, Dan has pursued calling as his one and only profession.  By the age of 16, he was Club Caller for three Omaha Square Dance Clubs.  In 1976, he decided to pursue calling as a full-time profession.  Dan has been the featured caller at many weekends, festivals, and conventions across the United States.  He books dances and travels throughout the United States and Canada.  Dan has called in Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Germany, and Japan.

Dan is an Accredited Member of Callerlab and has served on the Mainstream and Plus Committees.  Dan served on the Plus Committee as co-writer for the Plus Level definitions.  He has attended 28 National Conventions, has served on many Panels, and has instructed various workshops.

Jet Roberts

Jet Roberts started calling in 1971 at the young age of eight years old. Three years later he was calling for three local clubs in the Sacramento, California area. He always dreamed of making calling his full time occupation and by age 19 he was established as a full time caller on the west coast.


To date Jet has been featured in all the western states & has traveled as far east as New York & into the New England states. Since 1993 Jet has been featured in other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, and New Zealand & spent two years calling full time in Perth, Australia.


Justin Russell

Justin Russell has been in the square dance activity since 2000. He took lessons with his grandmother, mom, dad, and brother and finished learning the mainstream program in 2001. Friends from church got him to come to that first beginner dance, but no one knew it would become his passion. In June 2003, he attended his first Caller School in Tyler, TX with Jon & Deborah Carroll-Jones, Vernon Jones, and Jerry Story.

Justin has attended ten National Square Dance Conventions (NSDC) and six CALLERLAB Conventions. His travels have also allowed him to call in over twenty states.


Sharon and Casey Parker

Randy and Marie Preskitt live in Everett, Washington, a lovely corner of the US.  They have been foremost in Round Dancing for many years and have choreographed many popular Round Dances.

Randy and Marie have taught dances and clinics at festivals and weekends in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, Canada, in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Missouri, Utah, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Washington, DC in the states, and in Germany, Sweden  and Japan.