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Schedule (subject to change)

a detailed schedule will be available soon!

  • Friday

    9:30 – 3:00 pm……………… Square Dance 101

    9:00-3:00 pm…………………Caller Boot Camp

    12:00 pm ………………………. Registration Open

    3:00 pm ………………………. Vendors Open

    7:30 – 10:30 pm……………. Dancing – All Levels

  • Saturday

    7:30 am ………………………. Registration Open

    9:00 am – 11:30 am ………. Dancing & Workshops

    Noon – 1:00 pm ……………. Fashion Show

    1:00 – 4:30 pm……………… Dancing & Workshops

    1:00 – 4:30 pm……………… Intro to Square Dance Class

    4:30 pm ………………………. Dinner by the BBQ Connection

    7:00 pm ………………………. Riot Dance & Welcome Ceremonies

    7:45 – 10:30 pm……………. Dancing – All Levels

    10:30 pm …………………….. After Party

  • Sunday

    9:00 pm ………………………. Registration Open

    10:00 am – 1:00 pm ………. Fun Dancing Square Dance

Additional Activities and Information (Click on the heading to expand)

  • New Dancer Package
  • Intro to Sq. Dance
  • Square Dance 101
  • Caller Boot Camp
  • Square Crow
  • Riot Dance
  • Fashion Show
  • After Party
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Night
  • Accomodations
  • Vendors
  • Getting Involved
  • Harvest Hoedown Committee
  • New Dancer Package

    New Dancers who start dancing with a club in Sept or Oct., this package is designed for you!  There are lessons at Harvest Hoedown, and dancing on Fri. and Sat. nights to help you along in your skills. There is a very special clothes closet just for you as well. Square dancers donate their lightly used items, for both men and woman, so come shop and take for FREE! There are dresses, skirts, blouses and petticoats for women, and shirts, slacks and ties for men. Some are matching outfits, so don’t miss out! Come early to get your shopping done to wear to the dance on Fri. night!

    The New Dancer registration form will be available when the classes start in 2018.

  • Intro to Square Dance

    If you have never tried this activity now is the time! You will have one full afternoon to learn some of the calls, and you will be able to dance on Sat. evening with the rest of the group! There will be plenty of “Angels”, those experienced dancers, to help you along. Open to all ages, single or partners, it doesn’t matter, just come out and give it a try! There are many clubs in the area that you can then go into and learn more calls to be able to attend the many Saturday night dances in the Sacramento area.

    The registration form will be available in late summer, or just come to Yuba City Fairgrounds for the “Intro to Square Dance” class on Sat. the 27th, at 1:00 PM.   (Blast class on the schedule).  Check in at the main hall, and we will take care of getting you registered, and direct you to the hall.  Be sure and come early to get your registration in and make it to the class on time!

    Come and camp out with other RV’ers or tent campers for the weekend, and party with them before your class!

  • Square Dance 101

    Participating in this all-day, interactive workshop. We’re offering members of our square dance community the opportunity to meet with other dancers and callers to share ideas to improve our activity. No experience needed—just a willingness to learn from other dancers or share your own ideas. Come in Thursday night for the Trail’s End Dance, then spend the day Friday interacting with other dancers.

    This year’s theme has not yet been determined, but we’ll share ideas and explore ways to remind the public that square dancing is still here and still amazing. We will use an open forum format with topic moderators. Everyone will be encouraged to share ideas, experiences, and challenges faced allowing the group to explore options that might prove successful in your own areas.

    The $10.00 registration fee includes your lunch.  Session starts at 9:30 am on Friday, Oct. 27th, 2018.

  • Join Tom Miller: Callerlab Accredited Caller Coach and Bill Harrison: Caller Coach

    Friday October 26th from 9-3 at the Yuba City Fairgrounds
    422 Franklin Ave in Yuba City, CA

    • Improve/ Build Your Calling Skills
    • Enhance your Stage Presence
    • Ways to Balance Choreography and Entertainment
    • Motivational and New Ideas

    Boot Camp starts at 9:00 – 3:00, $25.00 fee includes lunch.  Download form Caller Boot Camp flyer or register ONLINE.

  • Square Crow

    Individuals or groups create a Scare (square) Crow……you can put it near your RV or we can put it by the Plus Hall. Surprise judges will then decide which one is the best Square Crow, and the winner receives one free Harvest Hoedown ribbon for the following year.

  • Riot Dance

    Get your square together in a no holds bar mainstream tip. All featured callers will call this tip Saturday night a 6:30 pm. Each square will have a judge watching them…..last square on the floor wins- prizes and Bragging Rights. Come join in the fun or just watch the fun!

    Riot Dance Rules

  • Fashion Show

    This years theme has not yet been determined, but we are sure you will want to show off your favorite Square Dance outfit, or get your club involved with their “club outfit”.

    Come join us Saturday at 12 noon for fun, fashion and door Prizes.

  •  After Party

    Join us in Franklin Hall after the dance Saturday night for Ice Cream Sundaes! (Donations appreciated, but not required)

  • Breast Cancer Night

    On Fri. night, we encourage dancers to wear pink for our Breast Cancer Awareness night. A sea of Pink everywhere is a beautiful sight indeed!

  • RV and Tent: Large grassy areas with water and electrical. Dump station is available on site, as well as restrooms and showers. Be sure and contact the if you are camping as a group.

    Hotel Information: HOTEL BONANZA INN

    Harvest Hoedown Headquarters
    Block Cut-off 10/11/18
    (530) 674-8824
    1001 Clark Avenue, Yuba City, CA

    Ask for Harvest Hoedown Group Rate:
    $89/night plus tax (up to 4 persons).

    *Hotel has a 48-hour cancellation policy.

    For alternate hotels, call the Yuba City Chamber of Commerce at (530) 743-6501.

  • We are pleased that the following vendors will be featured at the 2017 Harvest Hoedown!  Be sure and visit the main (Plus) hall for these vendor offerings.

    Creative Beverage: On site Food.

    Hours of operation:

    Fri: 5:00-close
    Sat: 7:00 AM – Close
    Sunday: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

    Serving: Smoothies, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Espresso Drinks, Coffee, Frappes, Belgian Waffles, Breakfast Burritos, Bakery goods, Sandwiches and Specialty Salads

    Contact for questions.

    Hazel’s Temptations:  Homemade “cottage” chocolates, located in Carson City, NV.  Handmade creations include fruit-flavored creamed filled, caramels, mixed nuts in chocolate, peanut butter, liquor filled, barks – broken up chocolate (white, milk and dark) with various flavored candies or dried fruits mixed in.  I have been a vendor at Nevada’s Silver State Festival for 4 years.  Stop by the booth at the Harvest Hoedown and see what all the sweet talk is about!  If you have a special request before the festival, please call me, Hazel Graf, at 775-461-0260 and I will help with that request.  Sugar free chocolates are not available.


    Pro Step Foot Correctors and Scentsy:  Foot orthotics and essential oil products

    Quiltedb:  Quilts, table runners, aprons, placements, purses

    If you are interested in showcasing your products at our festival, please download and send the application form to us.  Email:

    Download Application Form 

  • We welcome any and all who would like to help with Harvest Hoedown!  This is an all volunteer event and we appreciate every person and/or club who contribute to this success.

    Ways you can help:

    Volunteer at the registration desk:  Answer questions, give directions, help with registrations, hand out ribbon packages.

    Donate a basket for the Silent Auction:  If you or your club would like to donate a basket for the Silent Auction, please be sure and put a list of the items on the outside of the basket.  We need Silent Auction items no later than 6 pm on Friday night.

    Donate items for the Silent Auction:  If you have any special items that might fit together into a basket (we put the basket together for you), or would like to donate something individually (Bird house, Jewelry boxes, petticoats, etc. are examples), then we can have them stand alone at the auction.

    Volunteer at the sewing center.

    Participate in the Square Crow Contest, Fashion Show, and Riot Dance.

    For more information, please contact:

    Katie Pearce, General Chairperson

  • Need any help or questions about Harvest Hoedown

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If you would like to download and mail in the Harvest Hoedown Registration Form. Download here: Harvest Hoedown 2018 Flyer