Harvest Hoedown, Yuba City, CA – October 23, 24 & 25, 2015

                          2015 Featured Callers

  1. Tom Miller, Chest Springs, Pennsylvania
    Tom MillerTom Miller lives with his two daughters in a small community in western Pennsylvania. He is a full time modern western square dance caller who has turned his favorite hobby into a full-time operation. Tom calls the CALLERLAB list, Mainstream through C-1

    Tom has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, averaging 50 thousand miles per year. He works locally calling for the Killbuck Squares of Patton, an A-2/C-1 club in State College, and Thinking Caps DBD group in Altoona.

    Tom has recorded for Lou Mac Records, Kalox Records, Eureka Records, Hi Hat records, and is currently recording with ESP records. He is a member of CALLERLAB and serves on the Board of Governors. Listen to a sound bite of "Walking in the Sunshine"(MP3 2 MB).

    His hobbies are hunting, fishing and camping.

    Tom is regularly featured at major dance events including:

    • Tucson, AZ Festival
    • Central Park Weekend, Fredericksburg, VA
    • WASCA Spring Festival, Washington, DC
    • Swing into Spring Camping Weekend, New Holland, PA
    • Turkey Run State Park Weekends, Marshall, IN
    • Cherry Ridge Campsites, Honesdale, PA
    • Star Spangled Banner Festival, Baltimore, MD
    • Appalachian Callers School, Berkeley Springs, WVA
    • Harvest Moon Festival, Iselin, NJ
    • State & National Conventions

    Tom regularly calls for party dances, demos, and high school physical education programs. He is an Accrediated Caller Coach and is available for caller seminars and schools.

    Tom is BMI and ASCAP licensed.

  2. Bronc Wise, Lakewood, Colorado
    Bronc WiseCalling Mainstream thru C3B; Full-time, Traveling, Recording artist, Callerlab member, Caller Seminars; Caller since 1975. Professional guitarist and recording engineer who has performed not only on stage, but for radio and tv spots. Recording for New-Beat Productions.

    Bronc joined his first square dance class in 1975. 16 weeks later, he called his first tip. Since that time, Bronc has been featured at dances, festivals, workshops, resorts and caller schools all over the U.S. and 21 foreign countries.

    Many dancers feel that Bronc's smooth flowing hash calls are like "floating on air". They might also warn you to watch out for a twinkle in those big, brown eyes, as Bronc is a fine hash-calling technician known for inventive and challenging maneuvers. He has recorded singing and hash calls for several different record labels. As a staff member of these labels, he has recorded a number of top-selling records.

    An accomplished guitarist, mandolin player and studio technician, Bronc has played on many square dance releases as well as radio and TV spots. His first "on stage" experience came at the age of 12 when he started playing in a rock band. He is currently in the process of recording a compilation of instrumental, surf and rock n' roll tunes. Listen to his MP3 sound bite of "Sweet Home Alabama". (MP3 1.6 MB)

    Bronc and his wife, Fia, split their time between their home in Grillby, Sweden, and their home in Lakewood, Colorado.

    Bronc is BMI and ASCAP licensed.

  3. Johnny Preston, Fultondale, Alabama
    Bobby Poyner Johnny Preston is internationally known for his enthusiastic style and wonderful singing voice.

    Born in California, Johnny began calling in 1976 while attending Wayne State University in Michigan. He is a full-time caller who travels across the United States and is often featured at festivals and resorts throughout the world - Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Japan, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Sweden. Johnny was also featured as a square dance caller in a national television ad for Ameritrade.

    Calling Basic to C-1, Johnny is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next square dance event. You won't want to miss it when Johnny comes to your town!

    Johnny is also the founder of Hoedowns for Humanity, a foundation created to raise friends and funds for local affiliates of Habitat for Humanity as well as awareness of the square dance activity throughout the country. Listen to a sound bite of "Let Your love Flow" (MP3 1.9 MB).

    Johnny has two beautiful children Brittany and Wesley.

    Johnny is BMI and ASCAP licensed.

  4. Michael Kellogg, Northridge, California
    Michael Kellogg

    Calling Mainstream thru C3A

    Michael saw Square Dance for the first time in July of 1982, and immediately set out to become a caller. He enrolled in a beginner square dance class in September of 1982, attended caller school in June of 1983, and mostly due to the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time began teaching and calling open dances in September of 1983.

    Michael is a software engineer by day, and calls squares in his “spare” time. Though only a “part-time” caller he manages every year to call weekends in many states across the country, several countries in Europe, and Japan; as well as being active in Southern California “Local” Square Dance events.

    Mondays - Tinseltown Squares in West Hollywood. Alternates weekly between C1 and C2 teach. Thursdays - Joaquin Squares in Bakersfield. Beginner thru Plus teach.

    Michael lives in Northridge, California. Listen to a sound bite of "What a Wonderful World this Would be" (MP3 1.6 MB).

    Michaels' career includes:

    Michael is BMI and ASCAP licensed.

2015 Featured Cuers

  1. Bob and Kay Kurczewski, Pharr, Texas
    Bob & Kay KurczewskiBob started dancing in 1964 and Kay in 1965, when they were single. Their dating consisted primarily of Square and Round Dancing. They were married in July of 1966 and moved to Kansas, where Bob was stationed with the Army. In 1967 Bob was assigned to Germany where they continued to dance. In 1969, they moved to El Paso, Texas where they took a break from dancing to raise a family. This break continued until 1978 when they returned to Germany and began dancing again. The children then ranged in ages from 6 to 11 and thought it was neat to square dance. All three children took Square Dance Lessons in 1979 and Round Dance Lessons the following year. Bob was elected President of the “European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs” (EAASDC) in 1979 and held the office for three years. After leaving office in 1982, and while still in Germany, Kay attended a Round Dance Leaders Course and started cueing and teaching. She has been cueing and teaching, with the assistance of Bob, ever since.

    In the spring of 1990, Kay and Bob accepted the opportunity to establish an all levels Round Dance Program in the Texas Rio Grande Valley during the winter season. For the past 25 years they have conducted an “All-Levels” program of Round Dancing, on a full-time basis. During the winter months you will find them hurrying from one RV Park to another, in the Pharr/McAllen area of the Texas Rio Grande Valley, teaching or cueing over 14 sessions per week. For 11 summers, starting in 1992, they conducted a summer Round Dance Program in Northern California. During their free time, April to October they are traveling, attending and/or preparing for festivals. They also sponsor an annual guided tour to Europe in September/October, which they coordinate, organize, and guide.

    Bob & Kay are members of ICBDA and were the General Chair Couple for the 34th Convention in 2010 in San Antonio Texas. They also are members of Round-A-Lab, DRDC (Dixie Round Dance Council), National Carousal Club #340, the Texas Round Dance Teachers Association, and they are Life Time Honorary Members of EAASDC (European Association of American Square Dance Clubs). They have taught and cued in many States here in the United States, several countries in Europe, ICBDA conventions and National Square Dance Conventions. They have choreographed many dances of different levels and rhythms, with some being selected as Round of the Quarter/Month by Roundalab and different State Associations.

    They are licensed through BMI/ASCAP.

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